Vista Metals — V-Class Quality Assurance

V-Class Quality Assurance


Process—Excellence at Every Step
Vista Metals Corp., Vista Metals Georgia, and Vista Progressive Metals utilize a custom, in-house built data collection system that tracks all production from the moment casting begins to the time the product is finished. Each and every data point throughout the process is an instant away from a quality control technician.


Quality Control—Setting the Industry Standard
The companies have a registered AS9100 quality management system that applies methodologies for continuous improvement across every aspect of their business. At each company, you will find teams with extensive industry experience and the highest caliber of internal capabilities at hand, striving for quality perfection.


Their quality management processes include:

    • Optical emission spectroscopy
    • Inline hydrogen analysis
    • Automated Programmable Logic Controlled Homogenization
    • ASNT qualified UT inspectors
    • Macro and Micro analysis
    • Image analysis
    • Dye penetration inspection

People—The Best in the Industry
Vista Metals Corp., Vista Metals Georgia, and Vista Progressive Metals employees play a strategic role in the companies’ success. It is because of their commitment and dedication to quality and Excellence Always that the companies have maintained their rank as the world’s largest independent producers of specialty aluminum products.


Technology—Precision Meets Efficiency
Excellence Always is in the details…and when it comes to finishing what they started, the companies’ team members and technology ensure that their products meet your exact specifications.


Through their Data Acquisition Network (DAN), they are able to monitor, record and store permanent operations data for the casting and homogenization processes. With the use of Product Automation Technology (PAT), both companies can ensure identical casts, providing customers with error free products.

Quality has a name.
It’s called V-Class.

Vista Metals Corp., Vista Metals Georgia, and Vista Progressive Metals have worked hard to build a reputation as suppliers of choice to some of the most significant companies in the world by producing and shipping specialty aluminum products. They have earned that reputation because of their quality and they have given a name to their brand of quality…


Quality Policy
All companies are dedicated to achieving the best possible relationship with internal and external customers. Their dedication includes providing fair-priced aluminum products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations while providing unsurpassed service. They maintain their dedication by focusing on customer relationships and continually improving their quality management system through measurable quality objectives.

Controlled Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

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