Duramold™ Plate Products

Vista Metals Corp. is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its customers by providing DURAMOLD-2™ and DURAMOLD-5™ Aluminum Mold Plate products. Designed and tailored to meet a wide range of mold making applications, these products offer outstanding machinability, excellent weldability, superior and consistent performance at elevated temperatures and unsurpassed dimensional stability.

Utilizing advanced equipment and processing systems, Vista Metals Corp. provides an exclusive range of products, dimensions and surface conditions, along with the highest quality products available and Excellence Always customer service.

Download: Duramold-2™ Plate Products

Download: Duramold-5™ Plate Products


Molds for the automotive industry, blow molds, structural foam molds, rubber molds, low pressure injection molds, thermoforming molds, Reaction Injection Molding and Resin Transfer Molding.

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