Vista Metals Produces What Others Can’t.

Our companies are known for producing the largest range of sizes and variety of alloys in the world. With decades of combined industry experience, team members control and operate state-of-the-art melting and casting equipment that create precise manufacturing processes unique to Vista Metals Corp., Vista Metals Georgia*, and Vista Progressive Metals.

You can operate your business comfortably knowing that it is being handled by the leading producers of specialty aluminum products.

What our companies offer:

  • Offer the largest range of sizes and configurations across all alloys
  • Offer the highest quality hard and soft alloy extrusion billet, rectangular slab and sheet ingot and aluminum plate products
  • Specialization in the highest quality 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx series alloys
  • Specialty alloys cast to customer requirements
  • Aluminum Alloy Redraw Rod
Cast & Scalped Forging Ingot All Cast & Scalped Forging Ingots are ultrasonically tested ensuring superior quality. We maintain our dedication to meet or exceed customers’ expectations while providing unsurpassed service.
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Hard & Soft Alloy Extrusion Billet Available in full size lengths up to 240”, Hard and Soft Alloy Extrusion Billets are premiere products developed by Vista Metals Corp. that can be cast to customer requirements.
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ATP-5™ Precision Tooling Plate Produced with an aluminum-magnesium alloy, ATP-5™ has outstanding machinability and responds very well in today’s high speed cutting environments.
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Mold Plate Products Duramold-2™ and Duramold-5™ are designed and tailored to meet a wide range of mold making applications, these products offer outstanding machinability, excellent weldability, superior and consistent performance at elevated temperatures, and unsurpassed dimensional stability.
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Duramax-10™ Aluminum Mold Plate Designed to provide higher strength at elevated temperatures and premium weld repair characteristics, Duramax-10™ is destined to be the product choice in many production mold applications.
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Rolling Slab Ingot Produced by Vista Metals Corp. and Vista Metals Georgia*, Rolling Slab Ingots are available in a variety of sizes and 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx alloy series.
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Aluminum Lithium Products Vista Progressive Metals is capable of casting standard aluminum association alloys such as 2195, 2196, 2099 as well as customer proprietary alloys.
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Aluminum Alloy Redraw Rod Aluminum Alloy Redraw Rod was designed by Vista Metals Georgia* to meet the demanding requirements for aluminum wire production.
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